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Pourquoi payer pour une infrastructure dont vous avez seulement besoin par intermittence? Hybrid cloud transforms your digital infrastucture so that it scales up when you need it and down when you don't. Balance loads and manage networks with VLANs on a complete set of enterprise cloud services to power existing or new apps while reaping the benefits of a more reliable, proven service that today's technolgically driven businesses demand.

While initial motivations for embracing the cloud are different for every business - from reining in "Shadow IT" to empowering business units and increasing agility - one common consideration is that complex businesses have complex cloud requirements that aren't easily satisfied. All clouds are not created equal, and some - like CenturyLink's Hybrid Cloud - are better suited to the advanced needs of enterprise deployments.

Trust CenturyLink to Power Your Enterprise

CenturyLink Hybrid Cloud Platform is built for enterprise workloads. Our flexible and robust cloud services are ideal for a range of enterprise scenarios - from running line of business applications to development and testing, and everything in between.

Applications d'entreprise

Host the business and collaboration apps you already run internally in a hybrid cloud. Have the peace of mind that comes with block storage, object storage, flexible backup options, and optional Disaster Recovery (DR). Gérez les charges de travail mondiales avec des services géospécifiques.

Charges de travail

Protect your data with “Defense in Depth” security. Notre infrastructure sécurisée à grande performance est soutenue par un ANS de 99,99 %. CenturyLink Enterprise prend en charge les applications les plus complexes et les plus exigeantes. For customers with special compliance requirements, we can help with audits like HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and other regulations.

Dev and Test

Développez et testez vos applications dans le nuage avec des ressources informatiques agiles, facturées à l'utilisation. Manage more virtual machines in less time through our powerful Control Portal, or using Runner. Pause and archive servers for additional savings, and easily spin up an automated Dev/Test environment.

Applications infonuagiques hébergées

Simplifiez la gestion de l'informatique au moyen d'une architecture répartie mondialement et des technologies d'automatisation intégrées. Ayez accès à de l'infonuagique extensible, flexible et libre-service, sans compromis. Allow developers to focus on building apps - not time-consuming infrastructure configuration.

Hébergement en ligne

Rendez vos produits accessibles à l'infonuagique. Embarquez les clients à bord plus rapidement avec les plans directeurs. Run your web properties on public or private cloud servers. Ils permettent tous deux un grand nombre d'opérations de saisie/sortie par seconde pour les applications à utilisation intensive de bases de données. Our cloud solutions are guarded by stringent security and compliance requirements for customers who accept online payments or need to protect user data.

Infrastructure Management & Automation

Quickly provision, interact with, and modify enterprise IT environments wherever they are using Cloud Application Manager. Manage environments on the CenturyLink Cloud or other clouds like AWS, Google, and Azure, as well as on-premise infrastructure and servers in remote data centers.

Infonuagique CenturyLink

CenturyLink Cloud makes building a customized, powerful solution easy. Vous choisissez les caractéristiques de votre environnement virtuel. CenturyLink Cloud consolidates industry leading software, storage, and server and network technologies into a single, simple, flexible, and secure factory-integrated platform. Notre solution donne aux organisations la capacité de démarrer à petite échelle et d'augmenter leur empreinte jusqu'à des milliers de machines virtuelles. It's an enterprise public cloud solution that allows organizations deploying cloud services to cut costs through greater efficiency. Improve bottom line business results and speed to market delivering the services your customers need for business critical applications.

Cloud Orchestration and Management

CenturyLink Cloud offers enterprise-class, customizable IT Infrastructure that gives you the ability to control the virtual and physical resources of your systems. Voici un aperçu de nos caractéristiques informatiques :

Public Cloud for Enterprise
  • souplesse géographique
  • installations pour données de calibre mondial
  • services infonuagiques sur demande
  • Defense in Depth security
  • Enterprise level SLAs
  • Managed and unmanaged virtual machines
  • Powerful orchestration and Account Management

The CenturyLink Cloud network depends on enterprise-grade hardware to reliably deliver safe traffic to virtual machines. Customer integration is made easy through VPN tunnels and intra-data center direct connect. Voici un aperçu des caractéristiques du réseau infonuagique CenturyLink :

Architecture de réseau
Intégration de réseau de clients
  • RVP site-à-site
  • Client RPV
  • Connexion directe entre les centres informatiques
Gestion du trafic

Protégez vos renseignements et tenez-les à votre disposition en tout temps. Our storage features are affordable and secure. L'infonuagique CenturyLink offre un grand nombre d'options, dont celles-ci :

Block or File Storage
  • Flexibilité suprême
  • High performance
  • Ajustez la taille du disque de manière dynamique au besoin
Stockage d’objets
  • Applications infonuagiques natives
  • Stockage à long terme de données permanentes
  • Logiciel de gestion MFT sécurisé
Reprise après sinistre
Reprise après sinistre

Tirez parti des solutions holistiques conçues pour minimiser l'impact des imprévus et permettre à votre entreprise de poursuivre ses activités. Nous vous offrons des solutions abordables qui vous donnent la tranquillité d'esprit. L'infonuagique CenturyLink offre une reprise après sinistre comprenant les éléments suivants :

  • Live test failover and live failback
  • Groupes de protection
  • Personnalisez les intervalles entre les points de reprise
  • Automatisation du Runbook
  • Managed Disaster Recovery Service also available
Integrated Backup

CenturyLink has an optional integrated backup product, our Simple Backup Service. This solution offers file-based backup that include the following elements:

Service de sauvegarde simple
  • Fully self-service
  • Rentable
  • Customized retention policies
  • Global reach

Gestionnaire d'application infonuagique

Manage Applications Across Any Cloud or Infrastructure

Cloud Application Manager facilitates digital transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds, all from a single powerful interface. This solution integrates Application Lifecycle Management with Managed Services and Cloud Optimization for a comprehensive multi-cloud management service.

  • Manage applications from start to finish, schedule deployments, scale, update, terminate workloads, and automate migration to any cloud that best suits your business needs.
  • Standardize deployment of applications to enable rapid innovation and reduce the potential for errors.
  • Leverage CenturyLink's certified experts to streamline application tasks in any environment — regardless where it’s physically located.
  • Create or access existing AWS and Azure accounts from Cloud Application Manager for maximum efficiency of multi-cloud solutions.
  • Deploy enterprise mission-critical applications across any physical or cloud infrastructure — private, public or hosted.
  • Take advantage of interactive visualization tools to automate both traditional and cloud-native application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time.

Advanced Managed Services

Experienced Professionals to Tackle Complex IT Management Challenges

CenturyLink Advanced Managed Services (AMS) offers deep technical support of CenturyLink services, including Cloud Application Manager, through a team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals. AMS offers expertise and automation for effectively monitoring, managing, governing and reporting across existing hybrid IT platforms.

Our specialists maintain a range of relevant IT industry certifications, and are constantly collaborating and consulting within the organization to deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities. Our evolving partnerships with market leaders in hardware, software, security, storage and networking technologies allow us to provide you with the benefit of deep technical insights.

For the most successful experience, we recommend a consultation with a CenturyLink Solutions Architect and/or Account Manager to assist in determining the best match of resource allocation and subscription level.

Learn more about IT Management with AMS

Advanced Managed Services offers deep technical support of CenturyLink services through a team of highly experienced and credentialed professionals.

CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation

Private Cloud Delivering Integrated Hyperconverged Infrastructure

CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation is CenturyLink's next generation private cloud.

CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation is CenturyLink's next generation private cloud. It's a software-defined data center solution that includes software-defined networking and vSAN Storage to deliver a completely integrated, fully managed Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Built on industry-leading technologies, this service offers deep flexibility to meet a wide range of private cloud requirements.

This Private Cloud enables full automation and self-service via vCloud Director and extensive APIs, in addition to native remote console access - an IP-based KVM solution. Or, you can engage our expert management teams to implement and maintain your private cloud solution for the full "white-glove" treatment.

Learn more about our Private Cloud


Sécurité au niveau de l’entreprise

Les centres informatiques sont sauvegardés selon les normes de protection physiques et environnementales les plus évoluées de l'industrie. Ils sont dotés de personnel en tout temps et surveillés par caméra. Les environnements infonuagiques sont abrités dans des espaces clos privés. CenturyLink impose autour de tout cela un pare-feu qui protège votre environnement nuagique grâce à un accès axé sur le rôle, à une surveillance en temps réel et à un soutien du centre d'exploitation du réseau. Learn more about protecting your Enterprise Systems and Data with CenturyLink Cloud Security.

Éliminer les pratiques inefficaces

Réduisez considérablement le coût élevé du matériel, de la gestion et du soutien de l'infrastructure. Alignez votre TI sur votre entreprise. Payez selon l'utilisation pour un service d'infrastructure efficace, productif et prévisible. Gérez vos coûts. Payez seulement pour les ressources dont vous avez besoin. Take advantage of Managed services with no minimum cost. Choose the Support Tier that fits your Enterprise needs. Estimate your bill with our Online Price Estimator. Find out more about CenturyLink Cloud Pricing.

Concentrez-vous sur vos activités essentielles

Des ressources d'environnement agiles sont à votre disposition. Implementez rapidement. Ne perdez pas de temps à faire évoluer vos projets, ni à les faire cesser quand vous n'en avez plus besoin. Personnalisez un environnement qui vous convienne parfaitement. Augmentez le soutien de l'intelligence mobile, sociale et de données. Donnez à vos créateurs d'applications tous les outils nécessaires pour construire des environnements en quelques clics. Spin up and tear down Dev/Test environments fast. Find out more about our Cloud Automation with Runner.

Croissance straégique

Extend your competitive edge across the entire value chain through our CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider program. Pool API, Blueprints, and add-ons with resources partners in different industries. Que vous soyez consultant indépendant, concessionnaire ou revendeur, CenturyLink vous offre les meilleures options de marketing partenaires. Find out more about our CenturyLink Partnership program. View our Ecosystem Partner List.

Enterprise IT Automation

Automation takes on a whole new shape with Runner, which easily automates and orchestrates complex enterprise IT solutions across multiple environments anywhere. That's right – anywhere. Runner works on CenturyLink Cloud as well as other cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and others; in addition to on-premise infrastructure and external data centers. Runner leverages the power and functionality of Ansible, exposing it to integrate cloud and on-premise connectivity.

Faites l'essai gratuit de l'infonuagique CenturyLink aujourd'hui.