Relational DB for MSSQL

Limited Beta for Microsoft SQL database as a service.

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Deploy an Enterprise Microsoft SQL Relational Database Immediately

Relational DB facilitates agile development by delivering fast access to an enterprise-hardened, high performance Microsoft SQL database instance. You don't have to be concerned with building out physical infrastructure for your database, since our service is delivered on our fast and powerful cloud platform. You'll have a fully-functioning database, provisioned on your own private network, in a matter of minutes.

Comparing Relational DB to managing a database yourself

Benefits of Relational DB

Deployment in Seconds

Contemporaty software development demands ever-increasing responsiveness. Most IT departments simply can't afford the time it takes to deploy physical database infrastructure. Our Relational DB service offers an obvious alternative, providing rapid access to an enterprise-hardened Microsoft SQL database instance on your private network. This means your team can be loading data and developing applications in a no time.

Blazing Fast Performance

To achieve the best possible performance, CenturyLink's Relational DB service is delivered on our high performance cloud platform. This platform was designed specifically for distributed workloads and data scale and delivers minimum 15,000 IOPs.

Agile Development-Friendly

Enterprises and organizations today are shifting more and more toward agile development, as IT departments and dev teams are under constant pressure to be increasingly responsive to business demands. Leverage Relational DB for agility, by gaining access to a fully functional Microsoft SQL database instance with single-click deployment.

MSSQL Relational DB Beta Features

Simple Deployment

  • A single click returns a MS SQL database connection string
  • Compute is provisioned simultaneously
  • Provisions to customer's private network


  • Database configuration
  • Daily backups held for 7 days
  • Database Restores
  • Point in Time Restore from Backup


  • Control backup time
  • Usage notifications
  • OS and DB patching included
  • View Queued Action History in UI
  • View Database Logs


Database proofs of concept with Relational DB

Facilitate Proofs of Concept

You can quickly and easily test drive a database with Relational DB. With a single click, you'll have an environment available to test database interoperability with your workflow.

Relational DB Enables Rapid Software Delivery of Cloud Native Applications

Maîtriser l'étalement informatique

Dans un environnement informatique commercial, il est commun que des centaines ou même des milliers d'exemplaires de base de données soient créés au fil du temps. Sitting idle, consuming on-premises infrastructure, these forgotten relics can equal millions of dollars of wasted CapEx. As Big Data becomes the norm, DB infrastructure management has become increasingly complicated. Relational DB Service is an obvious solution for balancing the increasing need for dynamic databases at the user's discretion while minimizing infrastructure costs.

A free trial with up to 500 $ in usage

  • Soutien au service d'intégration sans frais de nos architectes en solution infonuagique
  • Accès aux produits et services infonuagiques CenturyLink
  • Haute performance, déploiement rapide et capacité de gestion intuitive qui propulseront votre entreprise

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Join the 60-Day Microsoft SQL Beta

Relational DB for Microsoft SQL is in Beta

  • Free Beta for up to 60 days.
  • Available in IL1. Expanded locations to come.
  • Single instance on Windows OS.
  • Private routing.
  • Daily backups hed for 7 days.
  • Configurable backup time.
  • Consumption alert notifications.

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