Data Analytics for IoT

Driving Value with Your Data

L'infonuagique CenturyLink a été conçue pour manipuler des données. Our Managed Services and self-service offerings, as well as our
comprehensive Big Data Service enable organizations to realize critical insights that drive value from their data.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more ubiquitous in consumers' daily lives, the Security, Reliability and how well an organization is going to derive value from the mass of sensor data will be distinguishing criteria. IoT vendors need to ensure they use partners with established platforms that can support highly available (HA) infrastructure and secure data stores for the collection and processing of large amounts of sensor data that changes frequently.

Les capteurs alimentant l'IdO diminueront en tant que différenciateurs pour les fournisseurs. Instead, value will be derived from the ability to build useful analytics from sensor data. From an IoT Analytics Perspective, organizations will need to consider how to optimize huge amounts of data coming in from sensors.

However, Big Data alone doesn’t constitute an IoT Strategy; it's also critical to take into consideration the orchestration of compute, storage, security and availability.

Enabling IoT

CenturyLink Cloud offers an established platform that supports IoT organizations with a range of powerful tools.

Compute Options

Informatique/serveurs avec gestion déléguée

For a flat hourly fee, our engineers will perform a variety of administrative functions on your behalf, including monitoring, patching, updating and backup.

Informatique/serveurs sans gestion déléguée

Create on-demand high-performance cloud servers with any combination of operating system, CPU, memory and storage. Don't get locked into generic server sizes.


Our Hyperscale servers offer breakthrough performance for data and web scale architectures. Les serveurs ultrarapides avec une mémoire flash à 100 % sont conçus pour Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase et autres.


Autoscale makes it possible for a server or group of servers to self-regulate and deliver only the capacity required at any given time. So you pay for what you need; nothing more.

Big Data-as-a-Service

Take advantage of our comprehensive Big Data solution integrating Cloudera Hadoop Managed Services on CenturyLink Cloud Bare Metal Servers and Data & Advanced Analytics consulting expertise, delivered over our secure infrastructure and network.

Plateforme-service (PaaS)

AppFog, CenturyLink Cloud's Platform as a Service (Paas) based on Cloud Foundry, enables developers to focus on writing great applications, without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. Le résultat? Une agilité et une productivité accrues, une utilisation plus efficace des ressources et une réduction des frais d'exploitation.


Object Storage stores multiple copies of your object natively, so high availability is already built-in. Perfect for IoT scenarios demanding massive, reliable storage for key data to drive critical business decisions.

Accords sur les niveaux de service pour entreprises

L'infonuagique CenturyLink offre le meilleur ANS de l'industrie pour héberger vos charges de travail en matière d'IdO de catégorie commerciale. We maintain a 99.9% availability for our products during General Availability. Notre ANS dépasse ceux de nos concurrents relativement à la plupart des services.

Points forts de l'Iaas de plateforme

Capture d'écran de l'état

Soyez informé des pics d'utilisation

Create CPU, memory or storage alert policies, apply them to servers, and consume alerts in 3 key ways: email, webhook, or through visual indicators in the Control Portal interface.

Capture d'écran des ressources

Mémoire flash persistante à 100 %

Hyperscale servers provide high performance SSD local storage, up to 1 terabyte total per server. Minimum de 15 000 opérations d'entrée-sortie par seconde, avec une performance beaucoup plus importante par période de pointe.

Capture d'écran de Hyperscale sur serveur Windows

Politiques anti-affinité

Anti-affinity policies make it possible to spread workloads across physical hosts, which is especially useful for Hyperscale servers that rely on local storage without integrated backup.

Authentication et API compatibles S3

Our Object Storage service is Amazon S3-compatible, so code and tools that work with S3 should work seamlessly. Use our REST API and the AWS SDK (for .NET and Node.js) to interact with Object Storage.

Haute disponibilité

Object Storage on CenturyLink Cloud is an ideal repository for unstructured data ranging from media files to database backups, and stores multiple copies of your natively, so high availibility is already built in.

Stockage de gros objets

Stocke n'importe quelle sorte de fichiers dans l'infonuagique CenturyLink – multimédia, documents, sauvegardes de base de donnée, archives, et plus. Supports direct uploads for files up to 5GB; larger objects may be stored in Centurylink Cloud using multipart file uploads.

Secure, Keypair Permissions

Stores collections of files in buckets that are protected with unique keypairs. Point-and-click to assign permissions to other users as needed.

Big Data-as-a-Service

Enterprises struggle to manage vast quantities of data on limited compute and storage resources. Big Data solutions such as Apache Hadoop are very powerful, but many businesses lack the technical expertise to implement them. And turning data into actionable insights presents another challenge altogether.

CenturyLink's Big Data Service not only provides unlimited resources in a high-performance computing cluster, but also includes Managed Cloudera Hadoop and the assistance of a dedicated team of Data Science experts.

We begin the engagement with our Data-to-Decisions Workshops, where our expert Big Data Architects collaborate with the customer's management team, aligning business and technology objectives to deliver a pilot data platform scope and Phased Roadmap.

The solution, with storage, processing and management components is then deployed on Bare Metal Cloud servers: a flexible, efficient, scalable environment for processing data. All delivered via CenturyLink secure network and infrastructure.

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